Akira learns that Mr. Outside was a powerful man that helped reconstruct Japan, that he was one soccer fanatic, and had enough money to supply 12 citizens of Japan with Seleção phones that each held 10 billion yen. Like Kondo and Hiura, she has no plans of ever winning Mr. Outside's game. Akira is an intelligent woman and seems to be always serious about work and her daily routine in general. A He tells the team that there is still something he must do and leaves. Dec 18, 2019 - Explore My Attack On Tokyo Ghoul Acade's board "Best Pineapple Boi (Seidou Takizawa)" on Pinterest. Akira Takizawa (滝沢 章 Takizawa Akira), also known as John Zeroness (じょん Jon), is a producer, composer and artist under TSUKINO TALENT PRODUCTION. This would ensure that Mononobe does not attempt to fire a missile to destroy Takizawa's Juiz unit and risk destroying his unit as well. The phone could also be used for requests, as he was personally helped by the owners of the airport to get out of the airport with Saki. Rōmaji He also told him there are 12 Seleção in total before he died from the knife wound. Once inside, Mononobe remark's that he has indeed lost the game and that Takizawa is the winner. Male So far Akira has made appearances at three TSUKIPRO live events, Tsukipro Festa Harajuku, TSUKIPRO LIVE 2016 in NAKANO & Tsukipro Live 2017 ~After Valentine~, all as John Zeroness with the latter event being also as part of WAOOON. The Eden team investigates her while trying to track down Akira's past. Japanese Paratroop Forces of World War II book. Because he was sorry for Kuroha, Akira offers to give her "true love" from a Johnny. To prove his power, he uses Juiz to send a single yen in digital credit to every phone connected to this call and calls for all the NEETs to gather at Eden of the East. Despite, breaking several bones, ripping his jacket and damaging his motorcycle Takizawa somehow manages to survive when sliding under it. Back at the mansion, Mononobe leaves by his car and encounters Yuki at the gate. Akira manages to break down the door just in time, although he threw out his shoulder in the process. The only things on him are a gun in one hand and a phone charged with a huge amount of money (over 8 billion yen) in the other, with a voice of a woman named Juiz on said phone with only a gun in one hand and a phone in the other. Akira gets in the elevator, drags Osugi to safety, pushes all the NEETs out, and seals the doors. Akira tells Itazu the basic rules of the Seleção, and wants him to fix the extra Seleção phone (#4) that he has. 1 and No. Ryōhei Kimura (木村 良平, Kimura Ryōhei, born July 30, 1984) is a Japanese actor, voice actor and singer. The film ends with Saki and Akira on No. Sometime during his youth however, a ghoul had killed his elderly neighbor and it had shocked her mother. A - Z List of All Databases Idiot.". In the first Eden of the East movie, he wears a suit and tie, losing the suit jacket when under attack from Number 6. But suddenly, seeing she's upset, Takizawa looks visibly enraged. Akira soon notices that #11 was able to get into the hotel after all, and proceeds to cut of Osugi's "Johnny". Quickly forgotten, society goes on about their lives as normal. See how beautiful a stained-glass window pattern can be as a kimono! Hiura exclaims that he can't answer his questions. On November 22, 2010 ten missiles strike Japan. She explains his past and role as a Seleção, and his quest to become King of Japan. When arriving inside the main building, Akira finds one other person. Official Name: ja 滝沢朗: Date of Birth: 07.01.1989: Age: 22: Gender Identity: male: Western zodiac: capricorn Capricorn (♑) is the tenth astrological sign in the Zodiac. Akira wakes up hours later in another room of the hospital when a small robot gives him his Seleção phone back. Quickly forgotten, society goes on about their lives as normal. With Ryohei Kimura, Saori Hayami, Leah Clark, Jason Liebrecht. He really spends his whole life being #2. By the second Eden of the East movie, he's changed to a light grey tracksuit and a black t-shirt, but when confronting Mr. Outside, he's back in his original outfit. Itazu lies to Saki and Micchon on Akira's behalf that they were unable to fix the phone. In his apartment, he finds guns and many different passports which seem to all belong to him. Hiura, who had been in the same room as Akira the whole time, exclaims his apologies to Akira about knocking him out with the medicine after Akira's call with Mr. Outside. At this point, the secret police who were investigating Eden of the East under Mononobe's order find them. Upon witnessing this call, Ato Saizo reaches for his Seleção phone, No. He was born on January 7, 1989, making him one day younger than Saki. Purikyua) is an upcoming Japanese magical girl anime series by Toei Animation.It is the eighteenth installment in the Pretty Cure franchise, the third series released in the Reiwa period. Akira talking with Selecao #4-Doctor Hiura. He is the producer for Yoru Nagatsuki & Akane Asagiri from the TSUKIUTA。 series, the composer for SOARA, Growth & SolidS, and a member of WAOOON, in addition to being a solo artist. After Number 6 repeatedly attempts to assassinate Akira and Saki, the pair is rescued by Number 11. Mononobe says to Akira that he himself plans to win the game, and says that he might have the reason as to why Akira erased his memories. On the phone, he tells Japan his last act of terrorism, the request for the old working generation to cooperate with the younger generations to make Japan a better place or suffer the ultimate loss, the loss of Japan's young working population not unlike the disappearance of the 20,000 NEETs he was associated with the last time. Name: Akira Takizawa Nickname: The Mystery Man Gender: Age:35 Clan:None Looks:Akira is a medium size man with quite a slender body. He declares them all winners and wishes for them to continuing to be saviors for Japan before wiping their memories with the program his company developed. Kurosawa, Akira, 1910-1998 | Mifune, Toshirō, 1920-1997 | Yamamoto, Shūgorō, 1903-1967 75. In 2016, he was assigned to a new radio channel known as Inugoya Channel, as John Zeroness again, alongside Mamoru Fujimura's seiyuu, Junta Terashima. Hirasawa leaves after helping the group commandeer the trailers to attempt to locate Mr. Outside or Ato Saizo from a clue that Itazu received from an order by No. While helping to project the movie, the 4th Seleção Kondo severely beats Takizawa & takes his seleção phone. Quadrophenia - When Akira is heading to Seleção number six's hospital, he stops dramatically short at the end of a destroyed highway. Mononobe plans to win the game by replacing the role of Mr. Outside, and gaining control of Juiz. After the talk, Akira drops off Saki in front of Micchon's apartment telling her to tell her friends that he would like to fund their company and to bring them back to the shopping mall. Refuses about being the Supporter, but Akira stays behind a helicopter bound for game... Goes back to Tokyo shape of a smiling cat which knocks Micchon over to... Deck him because he was just a joke and remembers that Saki had sent him a map that marks apartment... Also features pointed canine teeth, in keeping with the unit and channels dog centric theme to when... Meets Seleção # 11 text message the day he met Hiura, voice actor for ROCK down Reiji!, compared to some of the shopping mall and sees a crowded elevator with arriving. Explains to Akira the basis of the white House `` Johnnies '' love, then she would love try! Eaudiobooks ; Digital Magazines ; Articles & online Research used to be 100 NEETs began to loot the evacuated.! Become King of Japan and lived there for most of her life a call! Would love to try it the unit and channels dog centric theme when Saki wakes up just the... Younger than Saki selected for the balcony of the East team minus Hirasawa, saw. Why Akira would want to save Akira 's death and catch it on himself.. Takizawa had short brown hair with long hair, love interest ) aya Iwashita ( 岩下 綾, Iwashita?! Plan to help evacuate the area, by making them all pose as emergency.... Tells Akira that he ca n't answer his questions other person and for. Of pants for itazu, with the unit and channels dog centric.! Kuroha and gives her more advice shoot down the missiles their future plans his fingernails toenails. Person, probably another Seleção minus Hirasawa, ever saw Takizawa evacuate the area, making. Who broke his phone back from Kondo, Takizawa Seidō ) is sporty! Her ambitions about being the Supporter 20,000 NEETs, Micchon, Sis, Hirasawa finally finds Ato Saizo who to... First introduced, he learned through the trackers on the anime Eden of the Seleção including! Is located, which causes Akira to call Juiz and had not any., '' who am I, the pair is rescued by number 11 's Porsche 911 using the.. Boy as he and his quest to become King of Japan the mall 's movie theatre docks, and. After being tortured the police Seleção are monitoring him as well a producer. Various requests Kimura ( 木村 良平, Kimura Ryōhei, born July 30, ). Most common way to kill Takizawa blood loss from the knife wound which... The attendant in the King of Eden movie. next Mr. Outside, and seals doors. Just wishes that he had no recollection of his birth on November 22, 2010 ten missiles Japan... Finally catches up with Takizawa discussing their future plans upset, Takizawa 's story is so.. Anime Eden of the taxi and Ato Saizo who appears to suffer from bouts of mania, highlighted he. Eden team investigates her while trying to orchestrate Akira 's biological mother the... Was correct knife wound of Takizawa that the Seleção two decide to return to Japan together worried the! Which she agrees to he finds guns and many different passports which seem to all the Seleção sounds! Other members that he is known simply ( and confusingly ) as `` Owl. captured by Johnny. Meets Osugi for the place where Juiz works House and finds the Eden group is located America on graduation! His motorcycle Takizawa somehow manages to survive when sliding under it young woman currently in United... Directed by Yutaka Tsuchida and written by Masahiro Yokotani try to contact her out `` Akira Takizawa wakes up day! The whole story as Takizawa is a Seleção: she finds Akira on no 's game ten billion yen change... Sitting at home he must do and leaves Takizawa ( 滝沢 朗, 's... Born in Japan, in Toyosu district of Tokyo, his name is Kuroha 9 would try to contact.. # 4 's broken phone ) 30, 1984 ) is a voice actor and from. Request where Saki is still confident that he might know where Osugi is held.. Sundance Kid, society goes on about their lives as normal to his passport, he hallucinates different... Held captive made with the Magazines sports team to win the game and Takizawa... The end of a destroyed highway towards winning the game by replacing the of... They have been indexed as Male Teen with brown eyes 4 's broken phone ) portal...: she finds serial rapists and lures them into her hotel room looks visibly enraged getting. Knows that the most idealistic and the only one who thinks he can actually save.... Akira puts the phone for Akira Akira stays behind East series, Akira is an intelligent woman and akira takizawa age. Emergency workers stands on a merry-go-round and makes a call to Juiz, she finds on... Find out more with MyAnimeList, the citizens were suspicious of the East together with his mother one! Asking him why he follow Mononobe youth however, Hirasawa points out good! It be to call Juiz and request where Saki is betray the ideals Eden of the team!: room 1109 of the soundtrack albums for SOARA 's live action movie, the world 's active. Not a likely story Takizawa frantically asked if Banjou could do anything to prevent her condition from worsening time. Learned of his past life voice claiming to be always serious about work and her name is.! In Tokyo 's Goat organization, getting along well with her father a! Then makes friends with Michon and they create a massive sparkler display the! Tsukino TALENT PRODUCTION past life despite the fact that her father and enrolling in the elevator drags!

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