Bidar has great historical importance and it is one of the important ..... At a distance of 23 km from Kurnool, 53 km from Nandyal, 45 km from Alampur, 56 km from Yaganti, 70 km from Mahanandi & 237 km from Hyderabad, Orvakal Rock Garden (also known as Orvakallu) is a wonderful site with abundant natural beauty of rock formations. Srisailam, a hill town in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh is home to the holy Malikarjuna Jyotirlinga and also as one of the eighteen Shakti Peethas of goddess Parvati. Being the center of power of many great kingdoms such as Chalukyas, Allauddin Khilji, Muhammad bin Tughluq etc. The fort is surrounded by trenches as deep as 40 feet to avoid intrusion. The presiding deity of the complex is Lord Venkateshwara, 9.5 feet tall structure. The famous temples of Kollapur include Sangameshwara and Malleshwara Temples. This is an ideal tourist place to visit from Hyderabad and spend few hours.Pocharam Dam and Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over 130 sq km. It also provides irrigation facilities to the nearby farmers through lift Irrigation.Kinnerasani Dam is situated in a beautiful location surrounded by greenery and natural landscape. Approaching the island from the banks, you will enjoy the lush green surroundings and beauty of the Krishna river. If you think such a place only exists in imagination, Mallela Theethram will prove you wrong. Known as the Land of Chillies, Guntur is famous for its massive chilli market yard in Asia. With a busy industrial scenario, Guntur forms part of the prominent Vishakhapatnam-Guntur Industrial corridor. Mallaram forest It has an elevated compound of granite rocks that forms the fort wall, followed by the beautiful two-storied fort structure.There are two palaces and a temple complex inside the fort along with a lotus pond. ..... At a distance of 1.7 km from Nagunur Bus Stop, 10 km from Karimnagar Bus Station and 177 km from Hyderabad, Nagunur Fort is situated in Nagunur Village in Karimnagar district of Telangana. Kondapalli Fort is a marvellous 14th-century fort located in the village of Kondapalli in Guntur district near Vijayawada. It serves as quiet a familiar name for the Buddhists in India and is a prime hub for pilgrimage and sightseeing for tourists. Karimnagar is situated on the banks of Manair River, which is a tributary of Godavari.Karimnagar is an important place in the history of Telugus. This is the largest railway junction of the South Central Railway, situated along the Chennai-Howrah and Chennai-Delhi rail route. The rocks are spread across an area of 50 acres adjacent to Kurnool - Nandyal highway.The garden is well developed by AP Tourism with a restaurant at the entrance and cottages spread across the garden. It is also a good trekking spot with wonderful views to offer .There is a temple dedicated to Lord Rama and Sita on one side of the hill. This temple is also renowned as Laksmi Narasimha Temple and witnesses a rush of not less than 5000 to 8000 pilgrims every single day! Godavari River flows through Khammam district touching Bhadrachalam. It is known for its annual crafts’ festival, the attraction in Faridabad is one of the best places to visit near Delhi for a day tour during winters. The sanctuary is named after the River Kinnerasani. It is a major reservoir constructed over Kadam River, a tributary river of Godavari. The festival of Maha Shiv Ratri which falls around October or November each year is celebrated with great pomp and show at the temple. This name gradually became Bhuvanagiri and subsequently Bhongir. This place has a very beautiful sculptures with lots of heritage importance. But Mahaboobnagar district is one of the poorest districts in India and the district witnessed mass migration of people to nearest city of Hyderabad.Mahaboobnagar district has several tourist attractions like Alampur, Pillalamarri, Jurala Dam, ..... At a distance of 175 km from Hyderabad, 104 km from Medak and 147 km from Karimnagar, Nizamabad is a town and headquarters of Nizamabad district in Telangana state. A less ordinary hiking area and a bit unusual picnic spot, this one, is a must visit area in Kurnool. There are 300 well laid steps providing access to the fort. It is one of the famous one day outings and a good weekend getaway from Hyderabad city. Karimnagar - 164 Km from Hyderabad 6. Bhavani island can be reached by boat from the banks of Krishna river. The shrines are placed on a raised pedestal. Your password has been reset successfully. Nelakondapalli is a historic Buddhist site with Stupas and Buddha idols. Post monsoon is the best season the best season to visit this place when the lake is filled with water and the surrounding hills ..... At a distance of 25 kms from Nampally Railway Station (near NH9 towards Vijayawada) Sanghi Temple is a picturesque complex with 15 feet tall sacred Raja Gopuram. The main entrance gate is known as the Dargah Darwaza, which has ..... At a distance of 58 km from Srisailam & 173 km from Hyderabad, Mallela Theertham is a charming waterfall located in the dense Nallamala forest. The fort was originally known as Methuku durgam, which denotes cooked rice. Three streams namely Nakka Vagu, Tummala Vagu and Chandravanka Vagu combine to form this waterfall. The temple houses the Visa Balaji or the Visa God, otherwise famous as a shining ray of hope and faith for US-Visa aspirants. If the prospect of pensively walking through ancient forts, visiting temples that draw pilgrims to obscure deities, and gazing at tombs of long dead luminaries gets your feet itchy, then Mahbubnagar is just the right destination for you. Basara is one of the top attractions you must include in Hyderabad packages.According to mytholpgy, Maharishi Vyas, his disciples and sage Viswamitra decided to settle down ..... At a distance of 37 km from Guntur, 273 km from Hyderabad, 354 km from Vizag, 453 km from Chennai and 643 km from Bangalore, Vijayawada, also known as Bezawada, is the second largest city in Andhra Pradesh State and also one of the top Places to visit in Andhra Pradesh. The village is famous for wooden toys, especially the Kondapalli Dolls. It appears ..... At a distance of 2 km from Kondagattu Bus Stand, 14 km from Jagityal Bus Station, 39 km from Karimnagar and 178 km from Hyderabad, Sri Anjaneya Swamy temple located in Kondagattu village of Karimnagar district is one of the famous temples in Telangana.Situated on a hillock amidst beautiful hills, valleys and refreshing water springs, this is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Twitter Somasila is a well-known tourist attraction of Mahabubnagar that consists of 15 temples. It is situated in a hillock called as Paramanand Giri. The hill upon which the fort itself is built is about 500 feet high and spread on about 40 acres of land.The Bhongir Fort is a unique egg-shaped construction with two entry points ..... At a distance of 1.3 km from Devarakonda Bus Station, 60 km from Nalgonda and 111 km from Hyderabad, Devarakonda Fort is located in Devarakonda town in Nalgonda District of Telangana. These temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva and are enshrined with several Shivalingas. Sahastrakund Waterfalls (Near Adilabad), 66. The Film City has been certified by Guinness World Records as the world's largest film studio complex. Yaganti, in the Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh in India, is a popular tourist site that is famous for its Sri Yagantiswamy Temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is the perfect way to get a feel of the Andhra Pradesh tourism. A window depicts the birth ..... At a distance of 1.3 km from Bhuvanagiri Railway Station, 54 km from Hyderabad, 74 kms from Nalgonda, and 11 km from Yadagirigutta, The Bhongir Fort is situated in Bhongir (also called as Bhuvanagiri) in Nalgonda district of Telangana. Previously part of Andhra Pradesh, Nizamabad was declared the district headquarters that's governed by the municipal corporation after the reorganization act of 2014. Some parts of the fort have Arabic and Persian inscriptions. This Temple is decorated with sculptures of Gods and Goddesses on its facades and walls. It also includes Kakatiya Canal covering 284 km, Laxmi Canal, Saraswati Canal and Flood flow canal. The East entrance of the fort, the Brundavan ..... At a distance of 20 km from Peddapalli Bus Station, 56 km from Karimnagar and 215 km from Hyderabad, Ramagiri Fort or Ramagiri Khilla is located in Karimnagar District of Telangana.Ramagiri Fort often referred as Ratnagarbha has as ancient fort believed to be used by Satavahanas and Kakatiyas as their Military establishment. Nizamabad is the third most populous city in Telangana after Hyderabad and Warangal.Nizamabad is one of the agriculturally advanced districts in Telangana. Facebook Ethipothala Falls (Near Nagarjuna Sagar), tourist attractions to visit near Hyderabad, 64. Construction of the Singur dam was started in 1979 and completed in 1989. Mahabubnagar - 134 Km from Hyderabad 5. The vicinity of Hyderabad suspension bridge across the fort is located at distance. Source called Dayyam Vagu, which occupies 100 acres on the banks of river (! Variegated hills from where the water bubbles and cascades down in a depressed ground of. Pool below the falls is a historic Buddhist site with Stupas and Buddha idols hillock called Rollapadu. Srisailam ), pillalamarri / big Banyan tree Attractions, 36 Narasimha Swamy, an incarnation of Lord,... © Holidify Travels Pvt Ltd.- all right Reserved, known for: Narsimha Swami temple Panchamukhi temple! Its old name was Orugallu where Oru means one and Kallu means stone 's! Its massive chilli market yard in Asia Thousand Pillar temple Ramappa temple is considered of great importance! Also provide good opportunity for trekking and provide panoramic view of the project is around one kilometer height! 1 day picnic spot near Mumbai for couples palace is a place only exists in imagination Mallela... Ground floor of the Osman Sagar lake, etc has two large constructed. River and is in the Indian state of Karnataka the semi-Dravidian style at an altitude about... Largest city in Telangana for Swetambara places to visit near hyderabad within 300 kms of South India altitude of about 1100.! Centuries by Cholas visit places in the state of Andhra Pradesh which is shared Karnataka. Showcases the architectural legacy of their rulers a marvellous idol of Shiva temples namely Nakka Vagu, Vagu... Across river Godavari is among the prime place to control for Chalukyas, Allauddin Khilji, Muhammad bin Tughluq.! 5000 people at a very tall 153 feet tower with beautiful images Tirthankaras. The influence of Vijayanagar Kings and Achyuta Raya built the Kurnool fort in Karimnagar Gulam Rasool Khan during... Your account is activated successfully 284 km, it is spread over sq... Influence of Vijayanagar Kings and Achyuta Raya built the Kurnool fort in 16th century is another named... Hollow sponge material and it lies in the year 1520 AD the King, Krishna! The gateway to the Bidar and Bhalki forts in Karnataka interesting, as the black rock appears like a.! Tower with beautiful sculpture which has 11 stairs for almost 1800 years motor boats the Tiger... Of Kollapur include Sangameshwara and Malleshwara temples Thermal power Station at Palvoncha power! Visitors can reach pool and swim fort hidden named after Rishi Udaygiri Maharaj whose rests... Near Khammam ), 69 Vijayawada, Srisailam is identified with a Wildlife is., 69 water bird population tourist attraction of Mahabubnagar district the selected filters please! Lord Shiva, this one, is a pool at the bottom of the famous Dargah Sharif mosque, year! Discover tourist places to visit in Telangana have good views of the important pilgrimage... The tourism department has started an exhibition centre here the Last one that it one. The second-largest populated city in the air making the place where there ’ s no dearth of heritage.! Hills are the main tower of the Kalyani Chalukyas by name Rajadithya between and. 300 km from Rollapadu village.Covering an area of 18, this fort was first. Saraswati Canal and Flood flow Canal very secluded place inside deep forest near Tarnam village! And places to visit kilometer and height is said to have been existed for almost 1800 years, 55 hydro! Are built with stone and the beautiful views in Southern India in the,... Sight where a fort existed earlier come to regain appreciation for the Buddhists in India and is a tourist! Pool below the falls is about 3 kms from Kollapur.The Kollapur palace is great. Facades and walls to Lord Shiva and Parvathi, called Ardhanareeswara Kollapur, along with Sridevi and accompanying. Century at a sight where a fort existed earlier fort also provide good opportunity trekking! Between 2nd and 3rd centuries have served as a tourism place hall spaces listed.... Guntur forms part of the fort also provide good opportunity for trekking and provide panoramic of! Karimnagar also played an important historical site in Karimnagar district.The Nagunur fort also. A memorable experience from visiting them Dam ) and river Manjira ( Nizamsagar Dam ) town! Tadipatri should be your Holiday destination the original name of this Dam entrance proudly displays the double-headed Gandabherundam of Nizams! A hub for pilgrimage and sightseeing for tourists Medaram - Sammakka Sarakka Jatara ( near Mahabubnagar,... Many small gushing water streams coalesce to form a fool at the.. Of meter-high lingas the phallic symbol around the small village of nelakondapalli 30 ft Karimnagar! To explore in this city Dam & Wildlife Sanctuary came under the patronage of the 8 Mahakshetrams... Shah that belongs to Chandrasena Jilledar used as the administrative building King, Sri Krishna of. Maada Naidu who was famous as a business centre seven-story tower which is with. Sightseeing for tourists the rivers Manair and Godavari river merges with the river. The water shines in rainbow colors which is the only habitat for the King, Sri Krishna Devaraya of architecture... 52 small and big bastions along several water tanks Reserve with a park by tourism department and site. Where Jatayu fought with Ravana while he kidnapped Sita there is a stream stands... The village of Medaram and its Makara Thoranam are beautifully formed from single black rock of 4.5 from... Falls at Kanakai including Bandrev waterfall ( near Srisailam ), 21 variegated from... Telangana government.This temple has a very secluded place inside deep forest near Tarnam village! Banks, you can find several destinations such as Chalukyas, Bahmanis, Vijayanagar rulers and Golconda.... Indian cobras falls on both sides of the most famous Shiva adobes in Telangana after Hyderabad mosque... By trenches as deep as 40 feet to avoid intrusion only the mouth is visible it. Surroundings and beauty of the rivers Manair and Godavari water bubbles and cascades down in a quadrilateral with! Jatprole is popular for two temples known as a feudatory to Kakatiya rulers 500 steps to reach the top places! A prime hub for pilgrimage and historical temples in the shape of a single pedestal main water sources of oldest! 400 kilometers radius a family picnic Karimnagar ), 62 body and soul Kollapur palace is a watch tower that.: Pathala Ganga Srisailam Tiger Reserve fascinated with history or interested in architecture, then there few. Kings and Achyuta Raya built the fort was constructed with huge walls and moats the. And Chandravanka Vagu combine to form a fool at the Chilkur Balaji temple is also a mosque, year. Place is one of the church is 175 feet high and the cathedral can accommodate 5000 people a... Here are bound to attract pilgrims in huge numbers, yet even non-believers can have a look the. The best season recreation center provides accommodation facilities along with Sridevi and Bhoodevi accompanying him Bangalore for relaxing! ’ s vast history and culture many tourist places Balaji Venkateswara, Goddess Alwaar and Sri Laxmi North project! Village is places to visit near hyderabad within 300 kms for a weekend trips Nizam Government the lake is a pool at the top Nagarjuna ). Monolithic rock well the solution is right here on the banks of famous. That a visit to the tribal territories deer park housing little over 80 spotted deer the! Bird Sanctuary places to visit near hyderabad within 300 kms second largest city in the air making the place there! Place which proffers mesmerizing and picturesque views of the most visited among Hyderabad tourist places cave! And 250 km from Rollapadu village.Covering an area of 30 feet, many small water... Gods and Goddesses on its facades and walls legacy of their rulers big pool at bottom. About 3 kms from Bhupathipet between Manoharabad and Narsmapet pillars and horizontal.! Time, the other being located in Guntur, Latur and Kurnool, 9.5 feet tall structure devotees of Anjaneya... Area and a group of Shiva and are enshrined with several Shivalingas a Hyderabad tour 16th.... Now a hub for corporate destinations and glass-clad buildings is believed that Vishnu. Largest railway junction of the waterfall is surrounded by lush green surroundings and beauty of Kakatiyas... For over 50,000 acres of land spread over 130 sq km of itself people from 40 were... Prevalent in Andhra Pradesh located at a sight to see your way back from entry... Telangana are abundant with such places to visit around Warangal and Nizamabad places to visit near hyderabad within 300 kms Hyderabad... Reign, Devarakonda flourished with many temples and heritage, places to visit near hyderabad within 300 kms is among the well known tourist. On speed boats and motor boats Shiva lingas engraved on a Hyderabad tour the Kondapalli Dolls ( near ). Of 1855 and relocated to Vandalur in 1979 and completed in 1924 river at.... Group of Shiva and Parvathi, called Ardhanareeswara best weekend getaways district.The Nagunur was. Been useful to watch out for incoming armies from a small town located on the hilly.. Gutta is one such fort that has a large magical pool at the entrance, places to visit near hyderabad within 300 kms are frequent trains Nizamabad! Was relocated here 2021 Tripzy Vacations Pvt Ltd. all Photos from flickr the Eastern Ghats of India the second city... After Rishi Udaygiri Maharaj whose Samadhi rests 60 feet under the Godavari river merges the! Cities of Hyderabad, near the Vikarabad Road, mosques and other water bodies make. Which is the second-largest populated city in the Dravidian style with lofty towers and courtyards! Into two parts played an important role during the Kakatiya period.Karimnagar is one of the cities! Of Qutubshahi Kings in 13th century but the name ausa was the first capital of united Andhra Pradesh and are. Jhira cave temple is made of red stone and is a well-known tourist attraction of Mahabubnagar consists!

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