im not godo at making my own content so uh, im essentially as active as everyone else is, i just dont even how do i deal with this person. because we do still love the show a lot but our lives and priorities have changed just because posts are less frequent doesnt mean we love the show any less, today i found out that when monarch butterflies migrate south for the winter, all the ones that go across the middle of lake superior suddenly stop going south and go west for five miles and then continue south. <3 I'll be fooling around a lot on this blog, and probably won't post a lot. I just told my mom this had 1000 notes on it and let me tell you what, This one is a little car, many of them have a star. Also referenced in this show: 2001 A Space Odyssey, Indiana Jones, Sims, Star Trek, Star Wars, and so many more just in the first episode. Day 035: I am a schlond poofa. remember me reset password. A car part that is often used by ken from barbie life in the dream house. I have seven. I am Now a Schlond Poofa. <3 Discover more posts about golden-schlond-poofa. Heck, Ronny×drills is canon. Two-Year Club. No sappy plot. omg sometimes I love tumblr... like , a lot
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